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A Little Bit About Us..

We are passionate about Homeschooling! We exist to support you in your efforts through 28 weekly class days that offer both Core and Enrichment Classes for grades 1-12. We believe childhood is a unique time in life and that education should be as well! We seek to apply Charlotte Mason's philosophy in our classes which will enhance any Homeschooling style.

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Providing Homeschooling families support & community
that is not dependent on curriculum choice


A Little Overview:

 At Red-Brick we divide our big group into Forms. This allows us to have have small, meaningful classes that challenge the kids at their own level. While the details vary slightly from year to year, We always suggest a Historic time period for study along with book list suggestions. We always dedicate time to the Arts, (Artists, Composers, Poetry, Hymns & Folk Songs) and depending on the Form, we also have Science, Geography, Government, Economics, Spanish, Literature, Grammar, Shakespeare, Swedish Drill & Math tutoring. We are particularly proud of our Narration based Composition/Writing program which flows throughout the Forms culminating in formal essay writing in High School.  

We also host Nature Walks and Brush Drawing lessons throughout the year. For current details feel free to contact us!

We have a developed a year by year rotation of subjects for our families to plan with. Ask for it to see if we are good fit for you!

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Charlotte Mason's Philosophy of Education hinges on the idea that we are educating the whole person, not merely filling a mind. Facts are important, but stripped of their corresponding ideas, they are dry, unappealing & forgetable! Recognizing the personhood of children, we don't cull down their education to the bare minimum, but rather offer them a wide variety of all that is good and beautiful in Art and Culture, as well as a firm grounding in the Disciplinary Subjects. Using Living Books and Narrations, coupled with Short Lessons we help the child develop the Habit of Attention, thus becoming capable of                            Self-Education.

Red-Brick Academy

"Education - fueled by Ideas!"



Can I visit 


Yes! Instead of having a single day "Open House" we host individual familes by appointment only. We would love to have you sit in on a day of classes and experience Red-Brick for yourself.

What is the deadline for the 2021 - 2022     term?

We only accept a limited number of students per year. We will open our waiting list on January 1st. Current families have first option on the available spaces until May 1. Contact us for current updates on space availability and details about the application process.


Contact Us:

For more details about Red-Brick Academy feel free to contact us. We want to help you do what only you can do best!

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Statement of Faith

Our statement of faith contains only the foundational beliefs of Christianity. For details about theology we direct students to the authority of their parents and their churches. We are, however, unapologetic in our belief in a just, moral & loving God and His place in History and our lives. Our families do not need to subscribe to our faith, however, they must support our mission & understand that the children will be taught a Christ-centered Worldview. For specifics, contact us.